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Onsite Digital Photography Toronto

Proudly offering our limitless onsite digital photography services to all of our clients, you can be confident that our team at Distinctive Foto won’t hold you or your guests back during your evening! Producing and printing an unlimited amount of photos in one evening, your guests can even customize the format they wish to take it home in! From frames to folders, your guests will surely be blown away by the results.

What our Onsite Digital Photography Toronto Services Include:

  • A pre-event meeting with our Distinctive Foto Staff to discuss expectations, dress code, event themes, creative vision, and schedule.
  • Custom props that your guest’s can use in their photographs.
  • Customized frames for guests to take home with their photographic keepsake.
  • Digital onsite photos ready for pick-up by your guests at the end of the evening
  • Custom backgrounds and backdrops handpicked by you.
  • A USB compilation or a digital link including all photos taken at the event, available within 48 hours. (Immediate digital photo links available upon request.)

Call Distinctive Foto Onsite Photography Toronto now | 416.258.7819

Onsite Digital Photography Toronto

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