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Athlete Representation Toronto

After having the pleasure of working with so many talented athletes at many celebrity events, Francine Birken, owner of DFI decided to expand her horizons. In 2013, she was asked to represent a number of athletes and since then, the list has continued to grow.

“Having grown up in the sports world attending numerous baseball, hockey and basketball games, little did I know that I would be driving or flying with these amazing celebrity athletes.”
Athlete Representation Toronto.

After numerous and amazing events, Francine is now working closely with some very big names, including:

  • Jesse Barfield
  • Bret Saberhagen
  • Devon White
  • Willie Wilson
  • Ray Burris
  • Cliff Levingston
  • Mike Krushelynski
  • Jason Grilli and more….

Call Distinctive Athlete Representation Toronto now | 416.258.7819

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