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Candid Photography Toronto

Need help capturing timeless memories that are natural in character, yet spontaneous in nature? Our photographers come to Distinctive Foto with over 25 years of experience in the industry! With our Candid Photography services, our clients can expect full coverage of their event from beginning to end. Capturing the spontaneity of each and every moment, guests will be dazzled by the everlasting amount of life and character delivered in each photo. With candid photos like ours, our clients’ guests will be able to relive their special moments over and over again!

What Our Candid Photography Service Includes:

  • A pre-event meeting with our Distinctive Foto Staff to discuss expectations, dress code, event themes, creative vision, and schedule.
  • Discreetly taken photos that capture picture perfect moments such as guests mingling, speakers on the podium, action shots, and more without interrupting important moments.
  • Posed Candid Photos (ie: of an on-stage award acceptance) available upon request.
  • A USB compilation or a digital link including all photos taken at the event, available within 48 hours. (Immediate digital photo links available upon request.)

Call Distinctive Foto Candid Photography Toronto now | 416.258.7819

Candid Photography Toronto

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